Lots of small contributions really do contribute towards big change. In 2012 the global movement for change is growing in many ways, but it desperately needs more people to join if one day it is to become successful.  We need people with talent and energy to join our small collective that says it’s time to stand up and take back our community and our futures.

Please contact us if you would like to be involved in our various creative projects, letting us know how much or how little time you can spare.

We would like to make this a collaborative website and so we’re also looking for people to:

  • Attend events (globally) that are focused on creating a fairer system and write 300 words summing it up, with a link to further information.
  • Send us photos (from anywhere globally) of politically conscious street art and graffiti, and/or of your local Occupy camp.
  • Send us links to politically conscious hip hop from around the world.

We will publish as many relevant entries as possible on this site. If you would like more information about our projects then please contact us.