We are an independent voluntary production team.  Our films focus on the most progressive and inclusive ideas to build a fairer system.


We believe that now, more than ever, another world is possible – but it will not happen by chance. Together, with you, we must openly choose and create our own futures, or someone else will do it for us.


We aim to raise awareness by creating short online videos that present clear, concise information about social and economic injustice in the UK.  These videos will draw attention to issues such as the bank bailouts and bankers bonuses, the public sector cuts and political, corporate and media corruption; also looking at how these are impacting the majority of us and the most vulnerable people in our society.

We plan to raise consciousness about the different movements that seek to create a fairer system based on equality and we aim to forge links between them – as a successful movement needs to have unity from the majority.

Our future work will involve conscious creative projects such as hip hop music and music videos, short animations, short documentary films, street art and eventually radio and internet TV.


Our long term aim is for people to set up similar consciously collective projects in their own communities. Please get involved and help us to work towards a better system for all of us.

We believe an alternative system based on equality will one day be possible, but we realise we are still a long way from reaching this goal.  It will require lots of energy and hard work from all of us and a truly united movement to make it happen. No one person or group has the answers but collectively we have a chance.

Our main aims are:

  • To engage those who have given up on the current system, who think they will never be represented by those in charge.
  • To empower those concerned about social and economic injustice and who want to get involved in action of some kind.
  • To contribute to a platform that enables the left to come together and seek ways to building a fairer system.